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Introducing our largest HOMEbox yet! Designed for professional growers the Ambient Q300+ offers an impressive 9 sqm of growing space and accommodates nine 600-watt HID grow lights or appropriate led grow lights . With twin side access and every detail perfected, this colossal tent is a must have for anyone in need of a high quality grow tent. Its dimensions are 300 x 300 x 220 cm, with tube sizes ranging from 100mm to 350mm, and a maximum capacity of 200 kg. Upgrade to the HOMEbox Ambient Q300+ for copious amounts of your favourite crops.



  • Assembled size: 300 x 300 x 220 cm
  • Grow space: 9 m2
  • Tube A: + 8x 100 mm (4")
  • Tube B: + 4x 250 mm (10")
  • Tube C: + 2x 300 (12")
  • Tube D: + 4x 350 mm (14")
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: 0
  • Maximum capacity: 200 kg

Homebox Ambient Grow Tent Q300

SKU: V260-HH-DSZ-1
GST Included

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