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Our soil is a complex ecosystem made up of mineral particles, organic materials, air, water and living organisms—all of which interact slowly yet constantly.


Regenerative agriculture is a combination of land management or farming principles and practices that rebuilds organic soil to improve the health, crop yields, water resilience, nutrient density and biodiversity of our land. 

Soil is the heart of agriculture, and improving soil health is the goal. Switching to regenerative practices will restore its natural function, reboot plant activity, including photosynthesis, and enable nature to re-balance our carbon levels.

Regenerative agriculture can be achieved by responsible management of our land through a number of practices, leading to incredible benefits. For example, farmers using regenerative practices can reduce their carbon footprint and are able to grow healthier produce using fewer resources.  This can play a critical role in the fight against climate change, our health and the future of our food.

Regenerative agricultural techniques include:

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Using cover crops and perennials to protect the soil.

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Multiple crop rotations bringing grazing animals back on the land in ways mimicking natural cattle migration.

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No tilling, or minimal disturbance to the soil.

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Prioritisation of animal and plant diversity to increase biodiversity.

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No pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, or harsh chemicals.


Regenerative Agriculture

Maintain and improve soil

health long term.


Increases the water of the soil

holding capacity helping with soil erosion.


Protects the purity of groundwater and improves the resilience of crops when it comes to drought, flooding, disease and pests.


Improves our health by increasing the nutritional value of our food.


Increases the ability for soil to sequester carbon from the atmosphere,


Helps with the livelihoods of farmers by providing better yielding crops in the long term.

How is Urban Green Farms helping?

fertile-loam-soil-suitable-planting (1)

Urban Green Farms is committed to providing and developing organic sustainable soil solutions for any domestic gardener or commercial farmer to maintain healthy soils and outstanding yields.

We do this by combining cutting-edge biological products and naturally occurring stimulants and carbon to support your soil health and the planet. Our product range tackles our most important soil depletion issues, whilst delivering and advocating for the Regenerative Agricultural Movement.

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