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We’ve partnered with Australia’s best supplier of sustainable Barramundi to include in our packages for schools investing in our Aquaponics systems and kits. We can organise this Barramundi for your Aquaponic system through our exclusive partners which includes live fish supply, along with exclusive access to school excursions to the Aquaculture site in Melbourne, Victoria. 


MainStream Aquaculture operates the world’s largest Barramundi hatchery, and is one of Australia’s leading growers of Barramundi both locally and internationally. MainStream combines a deep understanding of marine biology, with state-of-the-art technology and a scientific approach to fish raising, reflecting their values for providing seafood for the future that is produced sustainably.


This collaboration enables students to experience an immersive and interactive lesson in sustainable food production and urban farming through Aquaponics. As well as numerous education disciplines ranging from biology, water science, engineering and biodiversity.



For more information on these packages and school excursionS  

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