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Top 3 Reasons Why Chemical Fertilisers Are Harmful

Chemical fertilisers are typically made from synthetic materials, such as ammonia and urea, and contain high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Yes, these nutrients are essential for plant growth, however, the use of chemical fertilisers switch off soil biology and have adverse effects on our health and the environment.

In this article we will go through the top 3 reasons why chemical fertilisers are harmful.

1. Soil Health

Chemical fertilisers are designed to provide plants with quick bursts of nutrients, but they do not improve soil health in the long term. The heavy use of chemical fertilisers can lead to the depletion of organic matter in the soil, which results in reduced soil fertility & water retention, and in time leads to soil erosion. Furthermore, long term effects of these synthetic inputs weaken the soils immunity system, leading the root systems and plants vulnerable to pests, disease and pathogenic activity.


The health of your soil determines the quality of your food. Some studies have successfully linked the use of chemical fertilisers to health issues such as cancer, mental and reproductive disorders.

Not only is the consumption of chemical ferts harmful to humans and animals, but if the soil is depleted of nutrients (as a result of excessive use of chemical inputs) then the produce grown in that soil is also lacking in nutrients. The use of innovate biological inputs such as Happy Soils Heal n' Shield have been formulated with this in mind; resulting in triple the nutrient uptake compared to generic chemical and synthetic inputs.


The use of chemical fertilisers require a significant amount of energy from the soil and plant which results in the release of dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Additionally, when chemical fertilisers are applied to crops, they tend to release nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas that greatly contributes to climate change.


There are alternatives to chemical fertilisers that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. One such alternative is the use of regenerative organic agricultural products such as Happy Soils, powered by SSI Technology which works to rapidly regenerate soil health and biology. The Beneficial Bacteria inside Happy Soils products guarantee beneficial microbial life in your soil for 72 days (an entire crop cycle), without this unique technology the life span of bacteria is a short-lived 96 hours. Happy Soils is also able to draw down carbon 3000x better than any other product on the market while reducing the amount of Nitrogen released into the atmosphere.

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