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Not Homeschooling, Home Learning!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

AquaSprouts makes growing produce at home easy and fun. Not only does it help kids learn but you can grow organic food at home, school or the office. How cool is that!
Kids love learning with the AquaSprouts at home!

With the developing situation of the coronavirus throughout Australia and the uncertainty regarding schooling for our children, it is important to remember our roles as parents vs teachers. First and foremost, we are parents and that role is important to maintain. Very few people are also qualified and experienced teachers, so it is important to recognise that we shouldn't be trying to replicate the school system at home, we should be trying to stimulate, to foster curiosity and to learn with our children.

This time is uncertain for everyone and children are no exception. Their anxiety levels are inevitably increasing. Their worlds have been turned upside down. The stability of school is gone, the comfort of their daily interaction with friends is gone and they are acutely aware of the stress in their homes and the wider community. As much as we may hope we are shielding our children, they are aware of the instability of their worlds and may be questioning their safety, and as such it is important that their parents stay a solid figure in their lives. Having fun, learning with our children and creating hands-on experiences means children can learn, while feeling secure.

With schools being shut for an undefined period of time, it is important we continue to support children's continued learning, but we cant be schools at home. We should provide our children with opportunities to learn, together, with us.

Urban Green Farms has a unique system to teach children about sustainable food growth (very topical during the Covid-19 pandemic) through their AquaSprout systems. The systems come with everything you need to set up your own aquaponics system and additional educational resources to facilitate the learning of different age groups.

Learn, Grow, Discover:


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