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Home Schooling Made Easy With Aquasprouts!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Aquaponics made easy with the Aquasprouts. This includes everthing you need to get started and set up to grow your own produce at home.
Look how cool learning is. Hands on and engaging. It promotes discussion and kids love it.

Remember the time we used to send our kids to school for 6hrs a day? When we could concentrate on what we are good at and leave teaching to the experts? It was only 2 weeks ago. Now we are suddenly reinventing ourselves as teachers with (in most cases) zero training or skill sets. Kids are bored, parents are stressed and families are just trying to hold it together.

Lucky Urban Green Farms has some amazing products to help educate and entertain your families during this critical period of isolation and social distancing. What is especially important, at this time, is to teach our kids hands on, stimulating learning. We are all too tired, too stressed and too worried to be able to sit down to a dry subject matter for hours on end. It will lead to inevitable bickering, sulking and lack of motivation.

Here at Urban Green Farms we provide an education package, already used by schools across the country, which we have adapted so parents can easily use it for homeschooling during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our ‘AquaSprout’ systems are used for STEM education, to teach children about aquaponics in their home environment. Included in the pack is everything you need to set up your own aquaponic system at home (live fish excluded, of course) and a downloadable education program to walk you through the learning objectives for children of different ages.

You order through us, receive your quick delivery and start the process with your families knowing everything is included to educate your children (and yourself) on sustainability, sustainable food growth, animal and plant life cycles.

It's easy to set up, use and requires little to no cleaning an added bonus for parents! You can grow your own fresh produce at home, in the grow bed above the tank, including micro greens, flowers, salads, strawberries, basil, and so much more. Kids can learn about farming indoors through a blend of science, biology and more.

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