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The Simple guide to Aquaponic lighting. Two main rules for beginners.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out how lighting works with Aquaponics and Hydroponics, but I'll try to make it easy to digest.

There are several rules that you need to consider when choosing a lamp, especially if you've noticed your plants have stopped growing.

So here are the quick rules:

1. If you're going to grow herbs and greens, you're better off using an LED lamp that provides enough photosynthesis photons for your plants to capture the energy and convert it for plant absorption. That's the easiest we to explain it.

2. If you're growing other plants such as tomato's, you're better off using a High Intensity Discharge bulb as per the link here

If you're using a compact unit like the Aquasprout check out our Supergrow LED that fits perfectly and provides a well rounded light "exposure" and energy uptake.

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