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Sustainability and Environment STEM Project Ideas for Schools

Contact with nature is crucial part of sustainability education in early childhood education and care. This helps children develop an appreciation for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Kids Gardening Projects

Why is Environment Sustainability important to Australian Schools?

As the Global Climate Crisis accelerates we need to teach our children the importance of our environment and that the actions we make inevitably will shape our planets future. Sustainability education for children can best be approached by helping them understand their place in the web of life, which supports their existence in terms of clean air and water, food and clothes, and other necessities for a decent life.

It’s about fostering a sense of belonging, respect and care for all living creatures, and an understanding of how to handle material resources in a limited world.

Sustainability education is about fostering the world-view that we are in this together. Only through our common actions can despair be turned into hope.

Why is Stem important to Australian Schools?

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics will continue to play a key role in the growth and stability of the Australian and global economy. The future of the planet will need to rely on innovation driven by STEM. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators to help solve problems.

​Our team at Urban Green Farms are passionate about creating a solution to our soaring demand for food. As the human population grows, we will need to produce more food in the next 50 years than in the last 1500 years. But, more importantly, we need food production that is sustainable, efficient, chemical-free and grows quickly. Our Aquaponic and Hydroponic STEM learning programs give our future generations the knowledge and tools to create a healthy and sustainable food production system.

We've listed some of our favourite sustainability project ideas below. For more information, resources, learning guides and lessons join our FREE exclusive Teachers Portal.

Promoting bio diversity in the school grounds

Water Conservation

Reducing Food Miles

  • Up-cycling in your garden

  • Start a veggie garden

  • Run an awareness campaign on the importance of buying local

  • Visit Local Farms to learn where food comes from

Urban Green Farms can assist Australian Schools with grant applications in order for a successful result! For more information email


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