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Urban Green Farms is the home of holistic and sustainable farming solutions for Australians, through Indoor Gardens, Vertical Farming, Hydroponics, and Aquaponics. We only select unique products that are ethically driven and purposeful. 

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What We Do At Urban Green Farms


We offer a variety of services and products from small ready-to-go indoor Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems for households and the everyday hobbyist, to more tailored commercial solutions like greenhouses. Our educational solutions help to encourage STEM education in schools and Universities across Australia, with easy courses and guides. We also provide a range of soil solutions, organic beneficial bacteria, composting, organic seeds and more. 

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Hydroponic gardening is method of growing plants without soil, the water does the work.


Hydroponics is a soilless method of growing food.

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Aquaponics is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to grow food. 


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Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers.




St Pauls School Victoria

“As a teacher, this is the absolute best teaching as it is real and students can continue to pay attention to it just because it is there. Discussion is natural and interspersed throughout the day instead of only when it is time.  Because the fish were already in our class, it was interesting to listen to the conversations about the health of them as well as the opportunity to grow plants. Much discussion was had about the environment and how this process might be a good idea in regards to using our resources wisely. Front of mind, creates reasons to think”

"Urban Green Farms have been amazing to deal with! They couldn't have been more helpful, insightful and proactive! Andrew has gone above and beyond to provide us with a fabulous aquaponics system that met our needs and our budget. His communication was excellent even calling out of hours to follow up on details. The units themselves have been fantastic and have exceeded our expectations! We can't thank Urban Green enough for their assistance!"

At Hunter Valley Grammar School in Years 9-10, we developed personal interest projects. I have been extremely interested in Aquaponics and Hydroponics for a long time and after a fair bit of research, I knew the Aquaponic kit would be perfect. It had everything that I wanted and needed and the set-up was easy. I was able to learn so much about Aquaponics in a hands-on environment. I created a 4000-word report on the set-up and learning integration and have been so happy with the quality of research gathered from this system. I have a showcase next term at school presenting all my research and findings. Thank you so very much for your help!

"Urban Green Farms has provided us with the most fantastic service and expert advice, helping our school organise grants, providing courses online, and drawing up plans to develop our aquaponics systems. The amount of support provided is phenomenal, they have made this complex process a very simple one. Urban Green Farms know their stuff, and they are extremely passionate about sustainability, protecting our environment and improving our future through sustainable practice. Highly recommend contacting them to see how they can help with grants to develop your site and improve outcomes for students!"

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