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The next wave of Organic Vegans?

The shift to a plant-based diet has well and truly become mainstream. Conscious consumerism is no longer a trend, but is actually reshaping what we see as “valuable”. Perhaps this shift is a peaceful rebellion against the corporations that have taken advantage of a naive majority? Not anymore!

So what is a conscious consumer?

  • Someone that sees value in eating clean, healthy and organic food.

  • Values protecting the planet, reducing climate change and saving animals from slaughter.

  • Lives a minimalist lifestyle that does not indulge in fancy material products.

  • Investigates product sources, practices and corporate social responsibility.

  • Is willing to live without for the sake of others.

  • Is of serves to others.

We are witnessing a global shift that hasn’t completed its cycle just yet. There is PLANTY more to come! The conscious consumer is pushing the boundaries of consumption and growing their own food.

Outdoor mini-farms and backyard soil-based veggie patches are popping up everywhere. But, what happens to the conscious consumer that lives in an apartment in inner Melbourne or Sydney? Do they have to miss out on the benefits of home grown food? The answer is no!

There are a range of exciting, sleek indoor farms that can really add to smaller spaces. Some of these options are listed below:

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