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A free standing vertical garden is an easy way to turn any space into a beautiful oasis. With an automated drip system, a pump and a timer plants get the water they need for optimal growth, and you’ll spend no time watering them!


This pre-built unit is great to transform offices or balconies in a tranquil and healthier space. Fits well in any space you have.

It's perfect for renters as it has no permanent fixtures so it can easily be moved and set up again in a different spot. 


Easy to set up, maintain and operate. No plumbing required!

You don't have to leave your space to enjoy the benefits of nature!



- x1 free-standing unit

- 24 planter vertical pods

- Irrigation drip system

- Timer

- Water pump


- Add On Optional The Happy Soils Essentials Bundle

Please note: requires a powerpoint 



- 1400mmW x 1800mmH x 340mmD

Urban Ultimate Free Standing Planter Wall

PriceFrom $3,484.00
GST Included
  • Harness your garden's full potential with the power of nature and SSI Technology.


    1 x 200ml Grow n' Bloom

    1 x 200ml Activate

    1 x 200ml Heal n' Shield Liquid

    1 x 200ml Energise 

    1 x 200g Heal n' Shield Granules

    We have collaborated with Mother Nature to reawaken soil life. Happy Soils concentrate is formulated with Sustainable Soil Intelligence (SSI Technology)