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Bioscape Tropic Hydro Half Moon Aquarium

This modern looking 12 litre aquarium is a showpiece for any bench or desktop in your house or office. Just add your fish and water conditioners and away you go! This fantastic aquarium also has provisions for indoor plants to be placed in the top compartment for that added WOW! Factor. Keep fish and do some Hydro growing at the same time! Choose your plants, add water and fish and let the fish water feed them through this clever filtration system.

The plants will benefit from the nutrient rich water produced from your fish and will also help to reduce pollution going back into your tank by using up unwanted pollution in the water.

Contains: 25 watt Heater, Waterfall Power Filter with Cartridge, LED Light Unit and Top Cover.

-12L Half Moon Glass Aquarium
- Acrylic lid
- Built-in dual purpose filtration system
- Natural Aquaponics Filter
- Power Filter
- Filter cartridge + Biomedia
- Integrated hidden LED lighting system
- 25W Solid state heater

Desktop Tropic Hydro Aquaponic Aquarium

GST Included

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