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Cardi-Bee is a stunning Hex Design with smaller hexagons cut out inside to allow you to weave your long climbing plant through. Cardi-Bee is 20cm wide, 10cm for legs to go into pot, 29.5cm tall. This one fits perfectly in a 125mm grow pot (or larger). The smaller hexagons inside the main one are 5.5cm x 4.5cm


The mini version of the Cardi-Bee is perfect for those smaller pots and for holding up newly propagated plants. The legs at the bottom are 3.8cm wide and 4.5cm high. The Hex Shape on top is 8cm wide by 6.5cm high and the inside hexagons are 2cm.


NOTE: Please be careful when inserting the climbers into their pot. Make sure the soil is soft enough for it to enter and also dont force it. Use both hands and hold the legs. They can be easily cleaned with water and a microfibre cloth. Please don't use harsh chemicals.

Bee Plant Climbers

GST Included
Colour: Blush Pink