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Zero Waste: 5 Easy Ways!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


Plastics are a normal part of daily life for everyone. It’s so common that it’s all too easy not to even notice. Food, drink, cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products are all often packaged in plastic. Many homes will also have plastic storage containers, plastic toys, bins, and buckets, to name just a few. Once you start looking around you, you could well be surprised at just how much plastic is in your home.

Start by reducing the amount of plastic in your home, this could mean using a keep cup, reusable water bottles and food storage and shopping bags that are also reusable and washable. Stop using plastic straws, bags, bottles, coffee cups, and anything that you can skip the plastic on including those pesky takeaway containers and cutlery sets.


Reducing your food waste is necessary for the health and survival of the planet, but not only that - it’s also great for your budget. The less food that goes into your bin, the less dollars you throw away. There are many ways to use up those forgotten veggies hiding at the back of the fridge, including a scrap meal day, try to cook meals that adopt all the leftover food you have.


One way to reduce your food waste and help the planet is to grow your own food! This could be anything from a simple bench-top or windowsill indoor garden farm to grow micro greens, herbs and greens - think lettuce, Kale, Spinach and Tomatoes, to something a little more advanced such as a veggie patch in the back yard. No matter where you live or what your requirements are you can get started with an abundance of simple products to assist you green growing journey! Visit for products.


One way to go waste free is to reduce the amount of goods you consume that are not reusable! This can be anything from a keep cup, water bottle, shopping bags, stainless steel straws, and buying in bulk or reusable storage containers to refill as you go. Try to have things at work and home to make sure this habit is as easy and adoptable as possible.

Also using rechargeable items that you don't need to frequently re-purchase every-time they run out.


One way to increase your sustainability, and reduce your consumption and help the planet is to make your own products using natural ingredients that can be found in your home. Think natural soaps, shampoos, body scrubs, balms and cleaning products that don't use as many chemicals that get washed down our drains into waterways and the environment.

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