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Why Organic Seeds?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Propagate your own seeds with ease with a propagation kit. Organic seeds are easy and fun to grow at home or school.
These seedlings are growing! We love organic seeds.

Are you thinking of using this time to grow your own vegetables? Choosing the right seeds is the first step in the process and it can be harder than you initially think. Organic seeds? Heirloom seeds? Conventional seeds? Let’s take a quick look at the differences in seed types.

Conventional/inorganic seeds - are grown with the help of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. The crops used to grown conventional seeds are exposed multiple times to synthetic chemicals to allow the plants to develop long enough for seed harvest. For adequate seed harvest the plant must mature much longer than for food harvest, which inevitably leads to higher exposure to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. The increased use of these chemicals to get plants to seed harvest stages, means that the plant is getting a ‘helping hand’ to reach maturity, so it may not be as robust in genetics/quality as an organic plant left to develop without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Organic seeds - are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Grown in organic systems with a focus on soil and plant health, organic plants are nurtured to seed harvest. To gain organic seeds, the grower must keep the plants naturally healthy all the way to seed maturity, meaning the most robust plants produce seeds. Rather than being ‘propped up’ by synthetic chemicals, organic plants naturally produce seeds that thrive.

Heirloom seeds - refers to the heritage of the seeds, not the growing practice. Although there is no concrete definition of a time line that heirloom must adhere to, commonly seeds have to be 40years. The advantage of heirlooms heritage is the natural resistance to pests and diseases, allowing them to thrive in various conditions.

To reduce the toxins and chemicals in our produce we must look at the seeds our plants come from. If you want to grow healthy organic produce, you must start with organic seeds. Urban Green Farms stocks a range of certified organic seeds for purchase and quick dispatch.


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