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What is hydroponics, and would you advise to get started with it from home?

Hydroponics is a sustainable, low maintenance yet highly effective method of growing plants, this method is ideal for indoor growing, especially where lack of space is an issue, systems can be designed to make use of vertical space.

Hydroponics to grow food

Simply put, hydroponics is best described as growing plants without soil. Water is utilised as the main method of delivering nutrients to the plants roots, combined with a growing media to help support the plant.

One of the main benefits of hydroponics is the ability to have more control over the variables including ph levels, lighting and nutrients. Hydroponically grown plants dip their roots directly into nutrient-rich solutions so plants get more of what they need much easier and faster.

Hydroponics is perfect for indoor use, not only is the risk of overwatering eliminated because the plant learns to uptake the water only when it needs it, but the risk of disease and pests are also eliminated.

The controlled conditions of hydroponics allows you to grow high yields all year round even in the smallest of spaces whilst utilising 90% less water than traditional methods and decreasing food miles.

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