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What can you do to fight food inflation?

The pandemic impacts have led to severe and widespread increases in global food insecurity, affecting households in almost every country. People have exhausted their reserves of food and cash without back up, and now, as conflict in eastern Europe rises we are facing a long lasting crisis.

Economies have shrunk, with even greater threat this year as experts advise impacts of war in Europe will see further distress to our economies.

Fuel prices have soared overnight and extreme transport costs have further implications on food prices, not to mention the Australian agriculture labour shortages. We are already seeing food prices near an all time high.

This is happening across the globe, everywhere. Countries are in a very distressed situation, and it is not getting easier, it's becoming more difficult.

Truth is, we have to start planning for a longer crisis of food shortages and food inflation than we may have originally envisioned, as experts predict economic impacts could take at least five years before recovering.


Very few families can afford these extra costs. The average Australian family (based on a 4 person household) currently spends approximately $500 a month on fruit and vegetables, however with these prices predicted to rapidly soar in coming weeks by experts and big chains such as Woolworths, growing your own food not only offers you, your family and community food security, but can save you hundreds of dollars per week.

Urban Green Farms has everything you need to get started with a food garden, no matter what kind of space or lack of you may have to work with. With technology advancements now you can grow indoor with controlled environments which can advance your yield 3 x times faster than conventional growing methods all year round. Grow vertically with towers to save space, and even run your food farm with just 2 x AA batteries, these are just to name a few alternatives.

Get in touch with Urban Green Farms for any assistance or advice on how we can help you get started and start growing your seeds today!

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