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The Perfect Edition To Your Schools Program and Book Collection

This funny, engaging eco story invites young readers to follow the adventures of Harriet’s ravenous compost worms as they munch their way through their wide and wonderful weekly menu. Packed with worm facts, Harriet’s Hungry Worms is the ideal companion for worm warriors and curious composters keen to roll their sleeves up and put their kitchen food scraps to good use.

Continuing the sustainability message, inventive illustrations incorporating recycled materials bloom from each page, breathing beautiful life into this fun-filled story.Harriet’s Hungry Worms is not only about worms. It shows how children learn to be responsible by helping with allocated tasks, working together, and particularly, understanding the special ecological role small creatures play in contributing to the environment, therefore to living things.

After completing her doctoral research exploring young people's relationship with the environment and how that can encourage positive behavioral change, author Samantha Smith wrote Harriet's Hungry Worms, to inspire kids to put on the gardening gloves, dig into the compost and embrace the worm wee!

With closing pages full of fun worm facts, teacher's notes available, and stunning collage illustrations made from recycled materials, this book could make a perfect addition to your schools' programs, or childs book collection.


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