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Is Soil The Solution To Combating Climate Change?

Humanity is at a turning point. We need to restore the very foundation that allows us to exist.... that is soil. Unsustainable and excessive synthetic inputs, pesticides, herbicides,

Regenerative agriculture
Tilling is killing

fertilizers, and tilling have created unprecedented soil erosion, resulting in excessive mineral and nutrient loss.

It is estimated that 50% of the world's tillable soil is unusable, and experts have predicted that at the current rate of soil degradation we have approximately 60 years of topsoil left.

Soil is living, in fact one teaspoon of healthy soil contains more living microorganisms, than there are humans on earth.

Modern Agricultural techniques have hindered soil biology which has resulted in blocking the soil pathways from communicating with one another. This leads to an increase in plant disease, soil desertification, and low nutrient absorption. However the consequences of our degraded soil not only affects food supply and production, but impacts climate change dramatically.

The link between soil and Climate Change

Did you know soil controls the balance and exchange of carbon and nitrous oxide (N2O) into the atmosphere?! Truth be told, Carbon is not the only thing causing climate change.

N2O is 300 times worse than carbon. One tonne of nitrous oxide is equivalent to 298 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide has an atmospheric lifetime of 110 years. Nitrous oxide is not only a greenhouse gas, but also an ozone destroyer.

Research tells us that modern agriculture is responsible for up to 45% of N20 in our atmosphere and oceans.

  • N2O threatens the wellbeing of every species on earth, including humans

  • N2O is a major cause of wild fires, storms, floods and extreme weather events.

  • N2O is what is killing our oxygen content and polluting our rainfall

SSI Technology that is exclusive to the Happy Soils range gives us the ability to capture N2O into the soil and then, quite impressively converts it to plant available food.

What is SSI Technology?

SSI (Sustainable Soil Intelligence) is the key to unlocking the soil’s ability to capture and store N2O.

SSI technology creates and controls the positive genetic communication pathways that allow biological species(microorganisms) to form and communicate with the plants root systems.

During rainfall cycles, N2O is released from the stratosphere which falls back onto the earth's surface, and inevitably onto our soils. Once the N2O hits the soil, SSI’s biofilm production technology acts like a ‘cling wrap’ and stores the N20 in the soil. This is when conversion starts to take place within the Biota of the soil structure, transforming N2O into plant available food.

Just like carbon entrapment, the relationship between the conversion of these gases, and the soil biology aim to dramatically boost plant exudates, providing additional energy to our ecosystems. The increase in energy allows the plant to release more clean oxygen.

Biological Regenerative Farming offers a broad spectrum of benefits. The future of humanity’s existence relies on the ability of these celestial lifeforms safely converting gases and minerals into plant food.

An extreme statement, however a statement of fact. If we do not take action now and start to introduce practical methodologies that enable natures ability to restore our ecological cycles, humanity will face a very dark and bleak future.

Healthy Soil biota is Mother Nature’s way to balance and serve humanity. By restoring soil, we are able to unlock these important communication pathways and usher in an era of regeneration, restoration, food security and abundance for all.

Healthy Soils, Healthy Human, Healthy Planet.

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