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How to setup your garden this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to plant just about anything. The Winter chill has gone, the days are getting longer and your garden is about to burst into life.

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Spring Onions
As winter comes to an end it's time to revitalise your garden and prepare for the warm, sunny days that lie ahead.

From pruning and repotting, to feeding, weeding and mulching, there's plenty you can be doing now to get your garden ready for spring and encourage new growth, flowers and a thriving veggie garden.

Here are some essential early spring tasks to ensure you can expect to see blooming in no time.

Feed your plants and lawns After a long winter plants need feeding to burst into growth. Apply organic-based fertilisers to regenerate the soil and plants into life.

Look after the lawn Now's the best time to renovate the lawn or lay down a new one.

Get planting Planting season is here! Sowing in Spring when the soil moisture is still high allows the plants to become established before the Australian heatwave hits.

Renew your mulch After fertilising garden beds, renew mulch covers before the heat of summer.

Take care of your potted plants Spring is the season to top up potting mix and re-pot overgrown plants into larger containers. Houseplants need TLC, so trim and tidy, flush the soil thoroughly with water, then fertilise and spray with organic pest oil.

Get your watering on As temperatures rise reprogram your timers and check irrigation systems.

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