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Benefits Of Integrating Aquaponics And Hydroponics Into Education Through STEM.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

STEM Classroom- Victory Christian College learns Aquaponics with Urban Green Farms
STEM Classroom- Victory Christian College learns Aquaponics with Urban Green Farms

Aquaponics and Hydroponics are fast becoming a means to teach students about the more non traditional ways of farming food, and ways in which food is grown. It makes students think about some of the broader issues society will face in the next few years, along with key learnings in topics such as science, environmental studies, plants, aquaculture, permaculture, biology and key ways for problem solving.

When Aquaponics and Hydroponics are integrated into the current curriculum via STEM studies it allows students show that they can question and investigate using appropriate skills.

In setting up the system in classrooms, students can physically watch the system come to life through setup, maintenance, instructions, water management and the keeping of plants and fish.

Students are able to use the course guides and questions to learn new skills, they are also able to learn hands on and review chemical processes, natural ecosystems and their ways of working, research topics, ideas, and content. They can monitor, analyse and even present learnings back to the classroom and create useful insights into new technologies. They can explain global impacts and events or analyse how biological systems function and respond to external changes with reference to interdependencies, energy transfers and flows of matter.

They can describe social and technological factors that have influenced scientific developments and predict how future applications of science and technology may affect people’s lives. They also analyse trends in data, identify relationships between variables and reveal inconsistencies in results. All of this this helps to draw conclusions from their results and discuss potential consequences of them, all whilst discovering something fun and new!

With a focus on food and fibre initiatives and impacts of global warming - carbon draw down and aspirations for being carbon neutral and sustainable through soil programmes, regeneration and renewables, it really is an important part of our education system.

Schools across Australia are adopting Aquaponics into the curriculum through key environmental studies and initiatives. This is making learning fun and adaptable to new technology and emerging trends.

With Government grants now available in each state it makes it easier to fund more sustainable projects in schools both in metro and regional areas.

For more information visit our website or email for help with grant applications, products, information and more.

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Emmi Linderman
Emmi Linderman
Sep 02, 2023

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