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Aquaponics in schools. Learn, grow & discover

As students are introduced to aquaponics, often they are inspired to better understand the science behind the technology. Aquaponics has spurred interest among students in biology, business, wellness and agriculture and has been the impetus for some students to plan a career in aquaponic farming.

Key areas of learning:

  1. pH & Plants

  2. Parts of Plants

  3. Seeds

  4. The Plant Life Cycle

  5. Plant Classification

  6. Dissolved Oxygen

  7. Parts of Fish

  8. The Life Cycle of Fish

  9. Fish Metabolism

  10. Fish Care

  11. Aquaculture

  12. Grow Media vs. Soil

  13. Bacteria

  14. Worms

  15. Wetlands

  16. Ecosystems

  17. Sustainability

  18. Climate & Agriculture

What can you learn in the classroom?

  • To understand the nature and scope of aquaponics, communicate with aquaponic experts effectively, develop and maintain an aquaponics system, evaluate problems and find sensible options for dealing with problems in an aquaponic system.

  • Discuss the nature and scope of aquaponic culture.

  • Compare a range of different aquaponic systems.

  • Explain scientifically, the factors that contribute toward both the quantity and quality of growth, of both plants and animals, within an aquaponic system.

  • Explain how to manage the availability of nutritional elements to plants and animals growing in an aquaponic system.

  • Select animal species that are appropriate to grow in different types of aquaponic systems.

  • Describe how to manage animals growing in an aquaponic system.

  • Design an aquaponics system.

  • Discuss the management of different plant species in an aquaponics system.

  • Discuss both commercial and amateur applications for aquaponic systems.

  • Develop a management plan for a specified aquaponics enterprise.

  • Identify and evaluate problems within an aquaponic system. Determine options for addressing identified aquaponic problems.

Aquaponics makes the perfect apparatus to teach in new and exciting ways!

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