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Aquaponics: 10 tips for setting up your garden!

Here is a simple set up guide for an Aquaponic system....

1) Start small see if it’s good for you then feel free to go bigger. 2) Make sure to set up with a different power source as a backup. It’s vital to keep the water flowing and the oxygen pumps on. 3) Make sure you feed the fish enough and let them thrive. Depletion of fish stock makes this type of cultivation impossible. 4) Keep food input constant for the fish and that will result in regular fish waste you can use to feed your plants. 5) Ensure your plants and fish have good aeration. Not only do the plants need their roots to be oxygenated, but also, the fish and the bacteria need the water to be oxygenated. As the fish grow bigger, their oxygen needs increases and you might need to adjust accordingly. 6) When you decide what plants you want to grow, pick the ones that have a similar water condition needed as the fish, and you will have greater success. 7) Remove some excess fish waste when necessary. Too much can harm the health of the fish. 8) Keep an eye on the level of pH because it is crucial for the garden. 9) Fish tanks should be made of glass or food grade plastic. 10) Avoid using any pesticide other than organic, or any other substances that can and will harm the fish or the good bacteria (vinegar, citric and/or hydrochloric acid).

Aquasprout - Aquaponic garden, by Urban Green Farms

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