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10 Benefits of Aquaponics - Easy & fun!

We've simplified the top 10 benefits of Aquaponics and why it's a super fun way to start an indoor farm at home!
Start your own garden indoors this winter with some fishy friends and a few veggies, herbs and flowers to add to your dinner plate or simply some greenery to your home...

1) Aquaponics is a way to grow your own fish and vegetables at the same time. You feed the fish and the fish will feed your plants through their waste output. 2) There is no need to use fertilisers because the fish provide rich nutrients for the plants. 3) In aquaponics, less water is used for the crops. Research has shown that aquaponic gardens use 1/10th of the water you would use for soil garden. 4) Regular gardening pesticides or other chemicals can’t be used because they would harm the fish. 5) This results in healthier and organic vegetables. 6) You won’t experience any soil borne diseases in aquaponics because there is no soil. 7) You can grow plants in very small space, and have a great harvest. 8) Plants grow fast because they get very nutritious substances from the fish waste. 9) Plants and fish production can be done in a controlled temperature environment. 10) Water is used in a closed system and circulated effectively, reducing the consumption and the water bills.

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