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A Mission To Ensure An Abundant Future: Happy Soils Launches Revolutionary Range Of Organic Inputs

Happy Soils is set to revolutionise gardening and agricultural practices with the launch of its groundbreaking new range of Australian made 100% Certified Regenerative Organic soil solutions and enhancers. The first range of its kind, Happy Soils is scientifically curated to detox and regenerate soil for gardeners, agricultural and environmental purposes, ultimately contributing to food security, ecosystem stability and a regenerative future.

With an estimated 50% of the world’s tillable soil unusable, experts predict there are approximately 60 years of topsoil left.

Happy Soils range organic fertilisers and soil enhancers
100% Regenerative Organic

Happy Soils has been developed by a team of soil microbiologists who have dedicated 30 years to researching and creating a regenerative and effective solution to ensure the future viability of soil and the vital role it plays in sustaining plant life and providing nutrient dense food for humans and animals. Ultimately, Happy Soils aims to usher in a new generation of ecological restoration, food security and abundance for all.

The innovative new range has launched with six products that have been developed using an activation process that is exclusive to Happy Soils which builds a natural immunity against pathogenic activity and fungal diseases, previously impossible to control holistically.

After years of planning, research and trials, we are incredibly proud and excited to be launching Happy Soils. As a team we have taken on a bold mission to restore the earth’s soil which will in turn support the ecological restoration of our oceans, planet and the soul of our nations, our farmers. We want to contribute to food security and ensure the future of our planet is bright by conserving our precious natural assets, and we believe this can be achieved through soil restoration, productivity and resilience,” said Sarah Rees, Conservationist and Chief Environmental Officer at Happy Soils.

Happy Soils is launching in Go Vita health food stores to introduce its revolutionary products across Australia. This strategic partnership not only marks a significant stride towards enhancing holistic human health, but also underscores the profound interconnection between gut health and soil health. The expansive network of Go Vita health food stores is dedicated to providing Australians with access to high-quality health products and expert advice. As a trusted partner, Go Vita is excited to collaborate with Happy Soils in bringing cutting-edge solutions that promote holistic health and regenerative practices to communities across Australia.

Happy Soils is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to regenerative agriculture. As part of this initiative, 2.5% of sales will support Kiss the Ground, a prominent non-profit organization and leading voice in promoting regenerative agriculture as a viable solution to our climate, water, and health crisis.

“We’re deeply appreciative of our partnership with Happy Soils. The teams unwavering dedication to this movement has been evident since our initial meeting many years ago. Happy Soils was born from the inspiration to contribute to this important movement. It’s truly remarkable to witness Andrew Meseha (Founder of Happy Soils) vision materialize, allowing people to support and expand our movement directly by choosing Happy Soils products,” said Evan Harrison, CEO, Kiss the Ground.

Happy Soils’ range includes the unique Activate; a plant based organic carbon designed to boost microbial activity and energy production within soil. Activate is designed to detox soil of chemical build-up, heavy metals & excess salts whilst converting them into plant available food such as carbohydrates, proteins & amino acids.

Happy Soils is available to purchase now from Go Vita stores nationally, and leading garden centers.

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