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Grow your plants bigger, better, stronger, faster & healthier.


  • Controlled growing conditions
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Low operating costs
  • Increase plant growth rates
  • Ensures quality root development 
  • Increase strike rate


Designed for hydroponics growers, hobby & professional gardening


You now have access to the secret known by professionals for years. By using bottom heat propagation systems you'll have the benefit of controlled growing conditions. This promotes faster and healthier growth, and the opportunity to grow exotic plants, flowers, herbs, food produce and cacti all year round.


The Heat n Grow Systems are equally successful with soil and hydroponic based gardening. This makes them ideal solution for propagation and cloning. We use a high tech carbon polymer element. This breakthrough in technology ensures very low operating costs, from less than half of 1 cent per hour.


3 sizes available.


Soil temperature and environmental conditions can lead to unhealthy plants, or failure to germinate due to thermodormancy at low temperatures.

By controlling the environment and soil temperature you can optimize germination rate and grow healthier plants.


Making use of a propagator you can also extend your growing season. Start your plants earlier, when outside conditions may not allow, and transfer them later, allowing for greater seasonal yields.



Heat ‘n’ grow systems are equally successful with soil and hydroponic based gardening. This makes them the perfect solution for cloning as well as propagation.


Our propagators incorporate a high tech carbon polymer element which guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant, no matter your choice of growing medium.

Heat n Grow Propagation Trays

PriceFrom $54.95
GST Included