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The Easy-Grow range was designed to hold pots that can easily be replaced. Bringing all the benefits of Vertical Gardens but in a less permanent way. It is a great way to grow plants with the advantage of saving space, time, and water thanks to its revolutionary vertical system which allows water to drip down from one pot to the other increasing plant production in nurseries by up to 5 times.



  • x1 Easy-Grow Free Standing Unit
  • x24 Easy-Grow potholders
  • x24 Plants in 140mm pots


Option to add Happy Soils Nutrient Essentials Bundle - 100% Organic & High performing

Easy Grow Plant Tower

PriceFrom $790.00
GST Included
  • Harness your garden's full potential with the power of nature and SSI Technology.


    1 x 200ml Grow n' Bloom

    1 x 200ml Activate

    1 x 200ml Heal n' Shield Liquid

    1 x 200ml Energise 

    1 x 200g Heal n' Shield Granules

    We have collaborated with Mother Nature to reawaken soil life. Happy Soils concentrate is formulated with Sustainable Soil Intelligence (SSI Technology) is naturally derived from bacillus bacteria found in healthy soil and repurposed to regenerate unhealthy soil.

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