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Aqua-X irrigation Controller is a pioneering and innovational hydroponic irrigation control system. This smartphone App based system can control up to 30 outputs (24V or 110V) and monitor the pH.EC and water temperature of nutrient. Water detectors for watering confirmation allow the system to send alerts to user when the watering schedule fails. With its incredible flexibility,everyone could easily automate their irrigation systems.

The system could control pumps by 110V Control Board and solenoid valves by 24V Control Board. When the massive control outputs, user could manage delivery schedule for multiple nutrients, multiple rooms and multiple zones.

A sensor board with EC/pH/Temp sensors is also available to allow user to monitor and log all the historical data of their nutrients. When the measured value exceeds your custom setting range, a warning message will be sent to your smartphone.

Free smartphone App allows user to monitor and control their watering schedules at their fingertips. Graphic interface makes multiple schedules easy to adjust and monitor. The innovational watering confirmation feature saves enormous loss by watering failures.

Aqua- X Aquaponics Monitoring System

SKU: K3000
GST Included