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Teaching Kids The Importance Of Healthy, Happy Soil.

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Children Connecting With Nature

Soil Is Alive!

Underneath our feet lies an opportunity to solve some of the worlds greatest challenges including climate change. Soil is alive and holds a universe of living organisms that communicate with one another. Together, these food webs of communication are commonly known as soil biology. Without this balance, life on earth would simply seize to exist. Soil biology is the heart beat of this planet. Through years of Modern Agriculture methods we have broken our soil system. We need to teach our future generations the importance of Regeneration and how to reconnect with nature. If we can regenerate our soil, we can regenerate our planet!

Rebuild Healthy Soil For Carbon Cycle Balance

The Soil Story Curriculum is designed to educate young people about the cycling of matter

and flow of energy among living and non-living parts of the Earth. More specifically,

this series of lessons introduces students to the carbon cycle and the importance

of rebuilding healthy soil on the planet. Through rich discussion, hands-on

investigation, visual interpretation, and custom-created media, students examine

the role plants, microorganisms, and humans play in protecting a resource that is

right under our feet and restoring balance to the carbon cycle.

5 Vital Lessons For Our Future Generations

  1. Earth's Systems

  2. Photosynthesis

  3. Healthy Soil

  4. Food & Farming

  5. Take Action

There is hope in a brighter future, however we need to ensure we are educating our kids by utilising STEM and solution based knowledge.

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