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NSW School Grants - Up To $15,000 Per School Available.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

If you're a school looking to adopt a sustainable project into your school to help assist with STEM learning there are a number of grants available to help you get started
School garden projects help with wellness, STEM education and a hands-on approach to learning!

The NSW Government has announced a four year Sustainable Schools Grants programme to help support schools, students and teachers to develop innovative sustainability projects at their schools providing $10 million to support projects and learning.

NSW public schools will be able to apply for grants of up to $15,000 to assist in developing innovative hands-on projects to make their school environment more sustainable. Last year 194 school projects received the sustainability grant, these included a variety of kitchen gardens or outdoor farming projects, water storage strategies, and even bee highways to improve biodiversity.

If you're a school looking to adopt a sustainable project into your school to help assist with STEM learning there are a number of grants available.

NSW Department of Education Sustainable Schools Grants:

NSW public schools and preschools can apply for funding of up to $15,000, to deliver hands-on, sustainability-focused projects that link to the NSW curriculum. Delivered through the DoE School Infrastructure NSW, the grants are part of a four-year, $10 million dollar program that gives schools the opportunity to develop innovative hands-on projects that help students learn about environmentally sustainable practices and take real steps to enhance the sustainability of their school environment. The second round of grants will open in November 2020.

If you're looking for some ideas to plan a quality sustainability education program, the Sustainable Schools NSW recommends adopting a whole-school approach to sustainability: Update your school environment management plan, provide professional development opportunities for teachers, and support student leadership.

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Eco Schools Grants:

The Eco Schools grants program funds environmental management projects that promote learning opportunities for students, teachers and the community. It is run by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. Find out more:

Junior Landcare Grants:

Grants are available for projects that inspire kids from across the country to get hands-on with projects that focus on sustainable food production, improving waste management practices or enhancing native habitats. The third round of grants will open in 2021.

Schools Plus:

Schools Plus is a national charity that raises funding for schools in disadvantaged communities. Schools eligible for support through Schools Plus have an ICSEA value below $1,000. Funding is available through the Smart Giving Projects for a strategic project that will have a transformational impact on students.

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Local Council Grants:

Local councils often provide grants to schools in their area for specific projects, so don't forget to check what is available from your council. If you are not sure of your local council area you can do a local council search. You can also find out if your Council runs a local schools sustainability network.


Urban Green Farms has already partnered with a number of schools across Australia, bringing sustainable farming and gardens to schools. If you're looking to get in touch for you next school project fill out our online form and one of our team members will gladly help you get the best out of your school grant!


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