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Happy Soils is the key to reawakening soil biology

We have collaborated with Mother Nature to reawaken soil life. Happy Soils, formulated with Sustainable Soil Intelligence is naturally derived from bacillus bacteria found in healthy soil and repurposed to regenerate unhealthy soil.

Through soil restoration, we can unite and provide for the needs and well-being of our planet and future generations.

SSI Technology is the key to unlocking the soil’s ability to capture and convert N2O into plant-available food.

Regenerative products


Why Happy Soils?



Ground-breaking SSI Technology is the key to detoxing soil from synthetic and chemical build-up. Happy Soils holistically breaks down these inorganic inputs and converts them into plant-digestible food into the form of sugars, amino acids and proteins.


Reverse the effects of toxic chemicals and damaged soil with a meticulously crafted formula of selected bacillus bacteria and fungi. With over 25 years of research, our carefully curated colony profile is scientifically influenced to prevent soil disease, whilst supporting the plant's immunity to naturally fight pathogens and build resilience.


Restoring soil health and biology resets the pH of the soil to an optimal range enabling ultimate nutrient accessibility and absorption. That means you can enjoy tastier, nutrient-dense, durable produce without the nasty chemicals!


Rebalancing soil biology optimises the environment and root systems for stimulated plant growth and boosted soil fertility.


Captures and stores carbon and N20 from the atmosphere, into the soil, offering a solution to reverse the effects of these dangerous gases. The relationship between the conversion of these gases, and soil biology aims to dramatically boost plant exudates, providing additional energy to our ecosystems and positively impacting biodiversity.


Regenerative farming solutions now available, because every garden counts.

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