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Girls In Science. A Better Future Through STEM Education.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

STEM education is so important for Girls to engage in with new technology and possibilities for new jobs and future careers.
Girls in STEM who run the world!

The glass ceiling is being shattered, girls are growing knowing they can become anything, knowing that they are everything. Young girls are being supported, they are being strengthened, yet they haven't been progressing into science based careers at a high rate. We need to be encouraging girls to get excited about science and we need young women to move into science based careers.

All industries function better with both genders involved, women's representation in science matters, they bring fresh perspectives, fresh ideas and a new excitement. Internationally and nationally, here in Australia, there has been a big shift to encouraging girls to science. The way science is being taught, the way science is being presented is evolving to equally include all genders.

STEM education in Australia is providing the hands on learning, combined with traditional classroom based learning, needed for science to be exciting and fun. The STEM curriculum uses partners such as, Urban Green Farms, to support classroom learning and provide science education resources that supports hands on learning and encourages girls to become involved. Urban Green Farms supports schools to teach aquaponics through various delivery methods, supporting all learning types.

From the set up of the tanks, the integration of the fish to the plant harvest, children are encouraged to become actively involved in the process and end product. Traditional learning has led to a very low rate of girls in science based careers, this new system of STEM learning and hands on activities will hopefully encourage a whole generation of girls into science based futures. Urban Green Farms is excited and proud to provide science education for Australian students that is inclusive and innovative.

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