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Farm To Table; The Benefits Of Urban Farming in 2022.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We all know fresh is best when it comes to food and produce.

We all want to eat well, live well and grow food sustainably for generations to come.

Urban Farming has come a long way since our ancestors and this is because we now know the impact of the way we eat and live and how that takes its toll on our planet.


Increases Food Security

Food security is having access to and being able to afford nutritious, safe food—and enough of it. This is a major concern for many families all over the world. Fortunately, Urban Farming contributes to greater food security.

Creates a sense of belonging

Urban farming is one way to bring urban dwellers together—to establish a sense of community among people otherwise independent and, in some cases, isolated.

produces healthy food you can respect

You get fresher, healthier food—herbs, vegetables and fruits—and are more likely to eat what’s in season, when you eat what’s produced on an Urban Farm.

Provides learning opportunities

Urban Farms give city dwellers a chance to produce their own food, and learn in the process. They learn about various gardening techniques, the best nutrient solutions, required sunlight, and controlling temperature, among other things.

makes efficient use of land

We can efficiently use the land we have to feed communities and families. Consider rooftop or vertical gardens: they take up minimal space but produce tons of fresh, healthy food. Many hydroponics systems are set up vertically, to fit anywhere even indoors!

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