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When technology meets sustainability in the classroom!

I recently ventured out to the Gippsland Tech School to install a range of innovative Aquaponics and Hydroponic systems. To my surprise, I was blown away with the technology and investment the Victorian State Government injected into this facility. It was truly incredible and completely worth my tax dollars. During this unbelievable experience I realised something incredibly telling...

"Our education system is doing its bit to raise awareness around climate change, recycling, zero waste and gardening, but future-proofing our food supply via technology will be our greatest collective asset and we need more awareness”.

This institute was impressive and forward thinking. They truly understood the importance of sustainable food production and its impact on the future of our food supply. Ironically, Gippsland is known for traditional farming practices and is the food bowl of Victoria, but alternative methods of growing food are on the rise due to climate change and our ever growing population.

Schools and teachers across Australia have created an incredible focus around sustainability. The future of our planet relies on a conscious and empowered movement towards healing the planet and the answer is technology.

If you haven't been to this incredible facility, you need to get out there and check it out! It's a wonderland of opportunity and adventure for any child.

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