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Spring - Harvest new growth with these indoor flowers

While it may not feel like spring has sprung, the cold weather will be a thing of the past and we'll wake up to chirping birds and blooming flowers.

Until that time comes, you can prepare your apartment for spring. From replacing heavy drapes with light, airy ones to cleaning your place top to bottom, you can usher in the warm weather and make your living space feel breezy.

Additionally, you may want to consider some decor changes. Add potted plants to your apartment and you'll start feeling sunny right away. What's more, houseplants can help improve air quality to help kill the musk of winter. With that in mind, here are the best indoor plants for spring:


These spring flowers are known for their five petals and vibrant coluor– they range from purple to indigo. Additionally, some violet petals are yellow in the centre, then gradate to a deep purple hue. Violets only need a moderate amount of water, but they do require full sunlight. Additionally, violets can take up to six weeks to bloom, so don't expect flowers immediately unless you buy a plant that has already flowered.


You can find the flowers in a variety of colours, from white to pink to blue to green, so select the plant that matches your tastes and decor best. Hydrangeas have a strong, floral fragrance, so they'll make your place smell like springtime. As the name suggests, hydrangeas need lots of water (Get it? Hydra?).


Want to transport yourself to a tropical locale? You may not be able to catch the next plane to Hawaii, but you can decorate your apartment with hibiscus. These blooms have unique petals that fade from yellow to pink to white, though you can also find them in blue, orange and red. The stamen on hibiscus flowers is also iconic, with its long and yellow form.

Make sure your hibiscus gets intense sunlight. If your apartment is shady, you may need to pick a different plant. Additionally, make sure the soil is always moist.

Flowering Maple:

The blooms on a flowering maple look like colourful bells ringing in springtime warmth, and they can bring life to your apartment. You can find flowering maple in orange, yellow, pink or red petals, giving you options within a warm colour palette. As the plant blooms, pay attention to the flowers. Normally, their bell bottoms point outward or up.

Peace Lily

Many of the plants listed so far require space and sunlight, but the peace lily is a little easier to care for in an apartment. Make sure your lily is in low to bright light. Peace lilies are known for their white spoon-like flowers and vibrant green leaves. While peace lilies are a summer plant, you can start cultivating yours in spring to make sure it will bloom the following season.

These flowers are some of the best indoor plants for making your apartment feel fresh, bright, and beautiful.


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