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Food for thought: Considered growing your own?

We currently rely on shipping large amounts of food across the world, leaving us remarkably vulnerable to disruption from wars, climate chaos, or volatile oil prices.

Growing as much food as possible locally could boost resilience and allow us to start taking more control of what we eat, and reduce the intake of salt, sugar and preservatives, which drive diabetes and heart disease.

Aquaponics is a sustainable and intensive alternative to both growing in soil and to hydroponics.

We need to facilitate innovative ways to produce high-density, high quality and more sustainable food locally. This means we have more control over what goes in our mouths!

The widespread use of agrochemicals in our current food production makes us less resilient. Most food production is dependent on oil and thus vulnerable to volatile prices, and many inject toxicity into our environment and compromise long-term sustainability.

We can live in a world where things change for the better and health and wellbeing becomes the number one priority.

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