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A self cleaning fish tank and aquarium? Let the plants do the hard work.

Child: Mum I want a fish?

Mum: I can barely fit the groceries in, let alone clean a fish tank every two days...

If you have fish, then you already know the kind of hard work that goes into cleaning the tank. The more fish you have, the more often you have to clean the tank. It takes a lot of effort to take out the fish, empty the tank, clean it thoroughly and fill it back up again. Yikes.

For the uninitiated, aquaponics refers to systems in which fish and plants enjoy a symbiotic relationship. To oversimplify just a tad: As fish swim around, they eat and poop and their waste gets sucked up by the water pump. The pump delivers water to the garden in the lid, providing nutrients to the plants. The plants, in turn, filter the water, which returns to the tank. Voila! A self-cleaning, self-sustaining ecosystem that requires little maintenance. Yay!

The waste from the fish is recycled to feed the plants above instead of going back into the water. So, it helps the plants to grow and thrive instead of polluting the water of the tank and that in turn produces more oxygen around the tank to ensure optimal solubility of oxygen in the water of the fish tank.

Aquaponics is an environmentally friends, and education activity that every family can enjoy. Kids love to have pets and grow green right in their home. And Mum you can even grow all your favourite herbs, greens and micro-greens to use in your weekly meals!

It's a win win for both!

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