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What are the Environmental Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening?

The impact of global warming is making sustainable plant and food growth a big priority in commercial and government-based settings. Hydroponic systems come with a number of benefits and are becoming a popular choice for environmentally-conscious organisations.

Though the costs of producing food in commercial hydroponic settings are still quite high, the benefits make it well worth the cost.

Five of the biggest environmental benefits of hydroponic plant growth are:

No Pesticides

Hydroponic equipment is used in the growth of hydroponic plants, which means no soil is required. Not only does this mean plants can be grown in almost any setting, it also means no herbicides or pesticides are required to keep the plants safe. Farmers now use integrated pest management systems, which utilise predatory insects to reduce pest infestations. The reduction in pesticide usage has a positive impact on human health and the environment.

Faster Growth

When growing with hydroponics in Australia, you can grow an average of four times the amount of crops in the same space you could with traditional soil-based farming. Most crops will also grow at a faster rate, as you’re able to control certain factors like the amount of sunlight and the temperature. This allows the growth of crops all year round.

Increased Water Conservation

When compared to traditional forms of agriculture, growing plants hydroponically can reduce water consumption by up to 90%, this accounts for approximately 70% of the world’s water usage, so cutting back on excess water usage in the agricultural sector will make a big difference to water supplies across Australia, and the world.

Makes Greater Use of Natural Resources

Growing plants hydroponically is a great way to produce food in areas that have limited natural resources, such as deserts or highly urban areas.

Limits Fossil Fuel Consumption

Hydroponic systems place less reliance on fossil fuels. This is because most plants are grown in urban areas, eliminating the impact of transportation as well as the use of agricultural machinery.

To learn more about the countless benefits associated with hydroponic plant growth go to

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