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Top 10 Benefits Of Aquaponics At Home!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Simply put, an Aquaponic system combines traditional Aquaculture with Hydroponics.

The fish and plants in an Aquaponic system live interdependently. Basically the fish poop, plants eat the fish poop and return clean water to the fish. The benefits of growing food with Aquaponics are truly incredible.

Organic growth

Farming organisations and "certification" bodies are always debating whether Aquaponics is truly organic. In actual fact, you don't need to be a plant biologist to know that is it MORE THAN ORGANIC!
If you feed fish toxic non-organic food they will simply die! Fish require clean food and water to survive. This means that your aquarium must be free of chemical

Faster growth

Aquaponic gardens grow up to 10X faster than conventional gardens.

Fish poop is actually nutrient rich and is quickly converted to eatable food for plants. This process allows plants to uptake more nutrient, more often. This creates ideal conditions for root systems to grow quickly.

Tastier Food

Aquaponic Carrots Organic. Urban Green Farms
Aquaponic Carrots

If you haven't tried Aqua-foods, you're totally missing out. I'm no Jaime Oliver, but I can tell you when something tastes amazing. It must be the combination of natural nutrients and healthy plants that provide the perfect produce.

Incredibly Sustainable

Conventional farming requires tillage. Tillage releases massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Aquaponics uses ZERO soil and can be grown close by urban homes and living. This also reduces pollution and food miles. WIN WIN WIN!

Grow heaps in small spaces

Due to the versatility of Aquaponics you can grow up to 10X the amount of food in comparison to soil- based growth. Rapid growth means you can frequently harvest your yummy food and start the process again.

No Seasonality

Depending on the type of Aquaponic system you decide to run with, you can most definitely grow out of season produce ALL YEAR ROUND. Indoor Aquaponic systems are controlled environments that allow you to grow your favourites any time you like.

Low Maintenance

This is one of my personal favourites! The fish poop is fed straight to the plants, that means there is very little time for your tank to get dirty or grimy. The plants act as a NATURAL FILTER! Soooo cool!

Education for a better future

The future of our planet depends on our children. Modern growth technology and farming practices will support our thriving population.

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