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  • Curved edges preventing plants from creasing and breaking over a sharp edge
  • Smooth edges under the pot, making it easier to hold and pick up
  • Pot designed to water completely internally, with no water running on top of your plants, seeds or seedlings
  • Even watering throughout each pot opening and tier, no matter what you’re growing
  • Wider, deeper growing pods, designed for maximum root growth and size
  • Increased planter strength and durability, with increased wall thickness.
  • Increased UV protection specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian conditions, no matter where you are in Australia 
  • Pipe support rings are made to fit standard Australian PVC pipe in 2 different sizes
  • Updated colours that look right at home inside or in the garden
  • Charcoal planter and base trays are made from 100% recycled plastic


These planters come in three stunning colours, which are modern and sleek, and look right at home on the balcony, garden or any other small space. 


  • Charcoal, a dusty black which is made from 100% recycled plastic, and with a beautiful matte finish.
  • Stone white, a creamy, dreamy terrazzo fleck style, which is our personal favourite.
  • Terracotta, a true representation of the origins of the name ‘baked earth’, it looks like it’s right at home on a stylish Italian balcony.


Design aside, these planters are so easy to grow in, and you can grow a wide variety of produce including; tomatoes, cucumbers, snow peas & green beans, radish, carrots, bok choy & pak choy, broccoli…the list goes on!


The system uses interlocking planters that can be stacked to maximize growing space, with internal watering through our unique design and production. 

Mini Verandah Vertical Planter

PriceFrom $50.37
GST Included