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This intelligent Mini Lab Soil Testing kit can detect various nutrients and elements in soil such as available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, organic matter and pH. 


This mini lab kit features an Android smart operating system and screen to assist with user friendly operation. The built-in crop expert fertilization system can calculate the recommended fertilization amount for the target output of more than one hundred national agricultural, fruit trees, and crops, and scientifically guide agricultural production according to the fertilization formula.


This mini lab features a built-in plant nutrition diagnosis map, according to the pictures of the nutrient deficiency of each crop, it assists to compare the leaves to diagnose the abundance and/or deficiency of the plant. 


The instrument has 4G memory, and a 7 inch touch screen, high definition and interactive display screen.


Testing capabilities

  • Ammonium nitrogen
  • nitrate nitrogen
  • available and total nitrogen 
  • available and total phosphorus
  • available and total potassium
  • Organic Matter
  • pH
  • Moisture
  • Alkali Hydrolyzed nitrogen

Mini Lab Soil Nutrient Testing Kit

SKU: hm-gt1
GST Included