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A stunning metal planter that has been specifically designed for the Designer Plants artificial hedge range.


This elegant powder-coated black metal planter is a superb choice for the Designer Plants Artificial Hedge range. The medium planter is suited for 1m long hedges. Each planter is made with powder-coated black metal, with detachable wheels. Each planter will come with the wheels and you simply need to attach them with already supplied bolts and washers.


Each planter is designed for easy and straightforward assembly though they do come flat pack. Due to the unique design allowing for flat-pack assembly.


You’ll be impressed with the versatility and ease of use of these planters. Please note though, that the planter does not come with a solid base that allows for water to easily and quickly pass through should you place a fake hedge inside. The benefit of this is that the garden planter range is easily shipped Australia wide as a flat-pack product, reducing the chance of damage.


1 x Black Metal Planter Medium and Wheels

Black Metal Planter with Wheels

SKU: V77-10187880
GST Included