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Choosing the right nutrients for optimal hydroponic grows

Happy Soils™ Hydroponics range is a revolution in organic hydroponics. It is a complete range of products carefully crafted for every level of experience from beginner hobby farmers to expert growers and professionals.

The problem with conventional hydroponics nutrients?

Conventional hydroponics nutrients and fertilisers may vary from 4 to 15 different minerals and fertiliser products.

For example, Hydroponically grown tomato plants require a 12-week cycle from seed to harvest. This process is broken up into two phases, Grow and Flower.


Conventional Hydroponics nutrients and minerals generally require a base input of synthetic inputs, including; (These inputs are required for the growth phase of any fruiting plants*)

  • Coco A&B

  • Boosters

  • Rooting enhancer

  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Iron)

  • Vegetation blend that usually includes Amino Acids and Nitrogen


This phase generally requires a broad range of confusing and highly specific inputs including;

  • Coco A&B

  • Booster

  • Chelators

  • NPK

  • Fulvic Acid

  • Triacontanol

  • Fish Extract- Foliar spray

  • Complex polysaccharides (sugars)

In addition to the minerals and synthetic chemicals that are required, there is a range of water management products required to manage EC and pH. Each of these synthetic inputs causes water pH and EC to swing. Learn more about the importance of pH and EC here.

The Happy Soils™ Difference

Happy Soils™ Hydro is a complete 3-part liquid solution for every hydroponics growth phase. Complete with SSI Technology, the Happy Soils™ Hydroponics range is a revolution in Indoor Farming products.

Our range is packed with a combination of organic compounds and mineral elements that eliminates the need for expensive base nutrients and additives.

Happy Soils™- Hydro Seaweed

Happy Soils™ Hydro Seaweed provides your Indoor Hydroponics Farm, or Hobby Garden with an organic replacement for A&B, boosters, rooting agents, NPK and Vegetation nutrients without fuss. Packed with Alga, Amino, Fulvic acids, Microelements, organic matter, sodium, pH balance, calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron and Selenium. Our unique combination is perfect for every stage of plant development.

Key Benefits

  • Roots - Enhance root systems to promote better plant flowering and fruiting.

  • Protect - Supports immune function to fight pests, mould, and mildew and protects plant health.

  • Canopy - Creates bigger leaves for more light absorption.

  • Uptake - Triple nutrient uptake without the nutrient burn.

Happy Soils™- Hydro Balance

Happy Soils™ Hydro Balance Liquid is a fast-acting combination of three essential beneficial bacteria that improve plant function, protect roots from pathogens, avoid lockup and increase uptake. Our unique combination of Bacillus Subtilis, Megaterium and Mucilaginosus supports ATP utilisation and energy.

Key Benefits

  • Detox - Removes pathogen activity and potential contaminants.

  • Protects - Forms protective bio-film coating over the root system to prevent pathogenic activity.

  • Shield - Creates a repellant effect by releasing a number of natural enzymes.

  • Improve function - Avoids plant lockup, by dissolving minerals and inputs.

  • Converter - Converts CO2 into a form of humus that increases nutrient uptake.

  • Uptake - Increases uptake by mobilizing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Happy Soils™ - Heal n’ Shield Granule

Happy Soils™ Heal n’ Shield Granules are a sustained slow-acting combination of essential beneficial bacteria that breaks down organic waste quickly and organically, improves plant function, and immunity, and increases yields, quality and taste.

This unique blend of five Bacillus good bacteria promotes moisture that encourages amino acid development and even recirculating balanced runoff, activates good bacteria to form identical good bacteria.

It works by converting Nitrogen and unlocking essential vitamins and minerals such as Phosphorus and Potassium. Healthy coco media surfaces and plant structures draw and convert even more Co2 for greater uptake. Converts and accelerates the mineral breakdown and increases soil air and water holding capacities, without promoting root rot.

Key Benefits

  • Saves Water - Promotes water retention

  • Immunity - Encourages good bacteria replication

  • CO2 - Increases CO2 drawdown and promotes carbon conversion

  • Breakdown - Breaks down compounds fast

  • Breathe - Increases soil air, and activates media aggregates to increase energy vital to plant growth.

Happy Soils™ Feed Chart

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