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Indoor Gardening helps promote mindfulness, happiness & creativity!

Want to feel happier, more creative, less stressed, and more connected to nature? Get started with indoor gardening here are some handy benefits.

Go ahead and put a fern in the bathroom, lavender in the kitchen windowsill, or a philodendron on the bedside table. You might notice the following benefits:

A better mood: Do houseplants equal happiness? Researchers seem to think so. Several studies have shown a connection between indoor plants and improved mood. In one paper, researchers found that those who spent time in a room with a plant rated themselves as more confident and energised compared to those who spent time in spaces without plants.

Less stress: Research published in Preventive Medicine found that placing a plant in a hospital room reduced feelings of stress. If a potted plant can have that kind of impact in a high-stress environment like a hospital, imagine the feelings of calm it could create at home.

Enhanced creativity: A potted plant could be the key to breaking out of a creative rut. Researchers at the University of Exeter found that creativity increased 45 percent in spaces with plants. Go ahead and add a potted plant to your art studio, sewing room, or home office.

Improved comfort: Houseplants do more than make your home look better; they make you feel better when you’re at home, too. Research shows that houseplants improve indoor air quality by reducing air pollutants, raising humidity levels, removing allergens, and improving indoor acoustics.

When it comes to cultivating happiness in a houseplant, you’re not limited to growing leafy plants in terra cotta pots.

The health and wellness benefits come from tending to living things, so feel free to get creative and choose plants that fit your aesthetics and your lifestyle.


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