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Urban Green Farms: 10 celebrity green thumbs and environmental champions to follow and love!

Cate Blanchett

Is personally committed to reducing her own greenhouse pollution. An ambassador for the Australian Conservation Foundation, campaigning for a carbon tax in 2011, and she has invested in solar energy startup companies and implements clean energy technologies into her own home.

"I care about climate change because of our children. I want to safeguard their future. It is a situation that affects each and every one of us, in this country and around the world. It is an inescapable problem. A common link we share. It is a crisis that provides us with an opportunity to change for the better. To change the way we consume, the way we think and the way we behave. By assuming responsibility we protect, and respect the generations behind us." says Cate Blanchett.


Miranda Kerr

A well know green thumb who does what she can to reduce her carbon footprint, she love organic produce and utilising natures best resources. A she grew up in a small country town in rural New South Wales Australia, where she was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature and organically grown produce. This really taught her to be environmentally conscious. She said it's important for us all to be aware of the small changes we can make on a daily basis like recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs, eating and using organic products, taking shorter showers and being conscious of waste.

Her ideal situation would be to live in a solar powered house with a veg patch out the back! You go girl!


Isabell Lucas

A notorious environmentalist, who is an ambassador, and protector of the Kimberley's. She is the face of Sante by ENJO and their kind footprint on the planet. She also partnered with an awesome Australian organisation called Australia for Dolphins, who are working to release captive dolphins back to the wild.


Hugh Jackan

Jackman is an ambassador to World Vision and has seen firsthand the hardships of people in Africa who are struggling to achieve food security as their climate becomes more unpredictable and hostile. A member of the UN and a advocate for climate change Hugh and his wife are green champions at heart.


Jack Johnson

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson is truly an inspiration to us all when it comes to protecting and giving back to the planet. While on tour, he uses sustainable biodiesel to power his tour busses and energy efficient lighting at his tour venues. And that's not all, the headquarters of Jack's label, Brushfire Records, is constructed out of recycled materials and all of the CD covers produced by the label are made out of recycled paper. He's also a serious green thumb and love to grow his own produce.


Leonardo Di Caprio

No list would be complete without Leo!

Leo's contributions to the environmental movement are extensive and diverse. The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation is committed to supporting organisations working towards a sustainable future. Leo is also involved with the World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare and continues to support investment in renewable energy.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation lobbys hard for a variety of environmental and humanitarian issues, including forest preservation, healthy oceans, clean water access, and renewable energy. On top of sizeable donations he’s committed over the years, the superstar actor has also pledged to forgo private jets and drives a Prius.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a well-known vegan, though she became a vegetarian during her pregnancy with son Aleph Millepied. Her eco-conscious consideration of animal products and her clothing. Natalie has designed her own range of leather-free shoes, and stuck to her dedication to avoid the fabric throughout her Oscar-winning award season in 2011.


Peter Garrett

Garrett is the lead singer of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil. He served as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation for ten years and, in 2003, was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the environment and its conservation and music industry. Peter is an avid environmentalist, who hasdone great work throughout his career and continues to do so.


Gisele Bündchen

The mega-model was hailed the Best Green International Celebrity, winning the online poll by a large margin, thanks to her work in ecological conservation and education.

Gisele Bündchen said, "The environment has always been my passion. Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can assist in preserving the planet.” She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. She also launched the Clean Water Project with her family, whose mission is to restore vegetation and the microbasins in her hometown of Horizontina, Brazil. In 2011, Harvard’s Center for Health and Global Environment named her the year’s Global Environmental Citizen.


Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan has dedicated a large part of his life to environmental causes, serving on the boards of numerous groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council, California Coastal Protection Network and Sea Shepherd. Brosnan has been inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame for his efforts in raising awareness about and campaigning against illegal whale hunting and wetlands protection.

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