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  • Contains highly beneficial soil biology
  • Rich in bioavailable nutrients
  • Build plant and soil health
  • Suppresses pests and disease
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil structure 
  • Increases yield and crop quality


Worm castings are a key soil amendment for successful, organic crop production. Castings are rich in easily available, long term essential plant nutrients and trace elements that promote plant health and vigour. Teeming with a highly beneficial population of microbes in key, functional groups for efficient nutrient cycling in organic gardens. The worms that produce these castings are raised in aged manure from regeneratively managed horses in Victoria. Worms are fed a controlled and consistent diet free from landfill and green waste.


How To Use:

Top dress: Apply a layer on soil around plants. Mulch with

straw and water in.

Potting mixes: Add worm castings anywhere from 5 to

20% of total volume.

Application Frequency: If building soil fertility, apply once per fortnight until the

garden is thriving. Apply bi-monthly to maintain peak soil

health in productive gardens.

Worm Castings are an incredible organic soil amendment and the key to successful organic crop production in containers and raised beds. 


These worm castings are rich in microbes, humic and fulvic acids and plant available nutrients.



pH 7

N 1.5%

P .65%

K .061%


Find out more with this video:


Option to add Happy Soils Regenerative organic Essentials Bundle

Worm Castings - Southern NoTill Regenerative

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  • Harness your garden's full potential with the power of nature and Happy Soils


    1 x 500ml Grow n' Bloom (Seedlings and Germination)

    1 x 500ml Activate (Microbe Booster)

    1 x 500ml Heal n' Shield Liquid (beneficial bacteria and immunity)

    1 x 500ml Energise (plant stimulant)

    1 x 500g Heal n' Shield Granules

    Transform Your Soil, Transform Your WorldUnleash the Power of Happy Soils

    Detoxify Happy Soils' groundbreaking technology is the key to liberating your soil from the shackles of synthetic and chemical residues. Our holistic approach breaks down these inorganic intruders, transforming them into the very sustenance that your plants crave - sugars, amino acids, and proteins.

    Strengthen: Reverse the ravages of toxic chemicals and depleted soil with our meticulously crafted formula. We've dedicated over 25 years to researching and cultivating a perfect blend of bacillus bacteria and fungi. This scientific symphony bolsters your soil's defenses, safeguarding against diseases while empowering your plants to fend off pathogens and build resilience.

    Restore Restore your soil's health and vitality while resetting its pH to the optimal range for unparalleled nutrient accessibility and absorption. The result? Delectable, nutrient-rich produce without the harsh chemicals you've grown accustomed to.

    Supercharge Optimize your soil's biology, reignite root systems, and supercharge plant growth. With a thriving ecosystem beneath, your soil becomes the ultimate cradle for fertility.

    Impact Happy Soils isn't just about your garden; it's about the planet. We capture and store carbon and N2O from the atmosphere, offering a lifeline to combat the effects of these perilous gases. By bolstering soil biology, we exponentially boost plant exudates, infusing energy into ecosystems, and championing biodiversity.

    Your Role in a Sustainable Future

    Every garden counts, from agricultural fields to at-home gardeners. Happy Soils extends regenerative farming solutions to all who seek a sustainable future. Join the movement and make a difference with every harvest.

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