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The Hive is perfect for those larger pots and plants that just keep on growing. The Hive fits perfectly into the 200mm planter and has an extra support then its smaller version Hex. This is a statement piece for any plant lover, not only will it allow your plant to trail up the hexagon structure it will also provide the much needed support for your larger plants. This climber is 58cm in height and has pointed ends to allow the smooth placement into your pot. It is 24cm wide with the points to fit inside the pot are 17cm apart. It is also made from a 6mm acrylic to ensure it can be there to support those stronger plants.


Note: Colours can slightly vary from the photos and screen you are viewing on. The purchase is for the plant climber only and does not include the pot or plants pictured. 

White colour available only*

Hive Plant Climber

SKU: HC004
GST Included
Colour: White