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Introducing to you 'Happy Soils' powered by Urban Green Farms. The first full circle Regenerative organic inputs and solutions.


The Happy Soils™ Difference

Happy Soils™ Hydro is a complete 2-part solution suitable for every hydroponics growth phase. Complete with innovative technology the Happy Soils™ Hydroponics range is a revolution in Indoor Farming products.


Our range is packed with a combination of organic compounds and mineral elements that eliminates the need for expensive base nutrients and additives. 


What's Included

Happy Soils Hydro Seaweed - Concentrate

Happy Soils Activate - Concentrate


Happy Soils™- Hydro Seaweed

Your go-to source for an organic one-part nutrient solution without the hassle. Our 100% organic blend simplifies the process, providing your plants with all the essential elements they need for thriving growth.


Effortless Hydroponic Nourishment: Hydro Seaweed streamlines the process of feeding your hydroponic plants. Say goodbye to complex nutrient combinations and tedious mixtures.


Complete Nutrient Replacement: Our unique formula replaces the need for A&B solutions, boosters, rooting agents, NPK, and vegetation nutrients. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.


Nutrient-Rich Components: Packed with essential components like Alga, Amino, Fulvic acids, microelements, organic matter, sodium, pH balance, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, and selenium. It’s the ultimate nutritional blend for every stage of plant development.


Certified Regenerative Organic: Proudly bearing the 100% Certified Regenerative Organic label, Happy Soils Hydro Seaweed champions sustainable and eco-friendly hydroponic gardening practices.


Elevate your hydroponic gardening experience and cultivate lush, thriving plants without the fuss. Start your journey to simplified, successful hydroponics today! Happy Soils – Where Hydroponic Excellence Begins.”


Happy Soils™ - Activate


Happy Soils™ Activate provides an organic range of trace elements and plant based Carbon that promotes energy production, supercharges flowering & detoxes chemical build-up & heavy metals for optimal plant function. It works by converting Nitrogen and unlocking essential vitamins and minerals such as Phosphorus and Potassium. Healthy coco media surfaces and plant structures draw and convert even more Co2 for greater uptake. Converts and accelerates the mineral breakdown and increases air and water holding capacities, without promoting root rot.


Key Benefits


  • Saves Water - Promotes water retention

  • Supercharges microbe actvity and reproduction

  • Immunity - Encourages good bacteria replication

  • CO2-  Increases CO2 drawdown and promotes carbon conversion

  • Breakdown- Breaks down compounds fast

  • Breathe -  Increases soil air, and activates media aggregates to increase energy vital to plant growth.

Happy Soils Hydro Essentials Bundle - 100% Regenerative Organic

PriceFrom $77.99
GST Included