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No Soil? No Problem? Hydroponics Will Change How You Grow Everything

An Introduction to Hydroponics

Your plants will quite literally never be the same using hydroponics. If you're hearing the word "hydroponics" for the first time ever, I'm sure you have plenty of questions. If you're a seasoned hydroponics master, then most likely, you didn't need too much convincing to make the switch to this effective and potent method of growing your herbs and vegetables! However, if the first situation is where you're currently at, you're also probably wondering... "Why is it so great? And where can I get started?" Let's break down those benefits for you, then!

Benefits of Hydroponics

  • Less Time, More Plant!

  • Control What You Put In!

  • Make a Happy Home for a Struggling Plant!

  • Perfect Growing Environment!

  • Grow Indoors!

  • Cost-effective Gardening!

  • Saves energy! And yours!

Now, I'm sure all of that sounds amazing, but still... what does it all mean? Hydro, as you probably guessed, comes from the Greek word meaning water. While the second part of the word, "ponics," is a little trickier to guess the etymology. "Ponics" comes from a word which means "labor." Yes, exactly, meaning this word loosely translates to: "Why would I do extra work if water can do it for me?" Essentially, hydroponics is a system by which the plants roots are suspended in water while a nutrient dense formula can be pumped by it, promoting and optimising healthy growth for your plants. Let's highlight some of they key benefits to hydroponics:

Less Time, More Plant!

Did you know that the average growing rate of a plant using any type of hydroponics is 30%-50% faster than growing your plants using the traditional soil method? Not only do you have access to your yield much more quickly, the plant thrives in this perfectly controlled environment and will mature to be larger and healthier than its soil-planted counterpart.

You Are The Master of Your Plants Fate

How often have you watched a plant wither and die even though you've done everything right by it? Well no more will you have to deal with being unaware of exactly what's happening to your plants. You get full control over which exact nutrients are going in to your plants and test the water to adjust accordingly. You will find that using the system of hydroponics will actually change everything about the process of growing your plants. If you notice that a plant is struggling to grow with a certain formula, you have the power to switch it up, find the perfect pH, and customise an ideal environment for your herbs and vegetables.

Indoor Planting

Every year we lose millions of acres of fertile land to industrial growth and for this reason alone we can expect to see hydroponics becoming a much more viable option for our standard method of growing plants. This also means that you, too, can grow plants from the comfort of your own home. Watch your vegetables thrive all season round and set up a hydroponics system in any and every room of your home.

Protecting the Environment

Plant lovers. I doubt your dedication to nurturing plants does not fail to transfer to a great appreciation for the entirety of the earth. Hydroponic systems are celebrated for their environmental benefits which can help reduce energy expenditure and waste. With this gardening system you have the option to recycle. Recycling the resources you need for your system means you can reuse water and unused nutrients which in turn saves you money, time, and energy.


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