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Kickstart your seedlings with this intelligent indoor bench top garden. 


This benchtop garden is perfect for busy people on the go! Now you can grow herbs and veg right from your kitchen bench! 


Enjoy automatic watering with this intelligent pump system, the only maintence necassary is filling up your reservoir every 2-3 week.

The height adjustable LED lights ensure your plants receive the right amount of mimicked sunlight all year round, so now you can grow what you want not just whats in season.


Simple to use, no mess or pests!


Grow from seed to harvest in 30 - 60 days.


What's included?

Adjustable LED light bar

10 x Grow sponges and baskets

10 x propagation cups

Nutrient solution




Smart Benchtop Cultivator

SKU: 1005002742148752
GST Included